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Why UX? Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

Loba van Heugten has more than 15 years experience within UX. Specialized in Design Research and Service Design the curiosity to understand the motivation and context of the end-users is a key driver. It is all about turning complex and detailed user insights into the business outcome that will support the strategic goals of the business. Loba collaborates pro-actively with stakeholders to funnel insights directly into the development processes often through wireframes to frame the dialogue in a tangible direction. Loba’s international experience on user research and UX/design has given her a solid foundation. She taught for 2 years at university, she worked for 2 years in an international agency in London, she worked for 8+ years in-house and 2+ years as Head of UX and insights. She has worked for big international companies such as Microsoft and Nordea (large Nordic bank). 
 She is currently working in a big pension company applying Design Thinking methodologies and presenting the research she did on chatbots on the latest EuroIA18 in Dublin - Irland.