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Why UX? Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

Rasmus Landgreen started his journey 16 years ago placing his first pixels online, doing e-commerce solutions for small businesses.

After a couple of years of scrambling, he entered the Danish Design Schools interaction design programme where he stayed on for 3 years. Learning a bit about digital design, but mostly learning that graphic design and digital design are two different worlds.

Through random job opportunities, he ended up starting his path into usability design in 2005. In 2007 he joined Issuu, an online publishing platform where he had a chance to put his skills to a test and design for millions of platform users.

After Issuu, Rasmus joined Podio - another great startup story from Copenhagen. After this a years of freelancing - back in the publishing space working with Zetland, Egmont and DR. And then a change of scenery - through Hello Group, his interest for finance and large scale companies got sparked.

Today, he's working with Nordea building E-Markets. A platform where large corporates can manage their international currency needs.

The task is challenging - users are trusting an interface to handle millions of Euros on behalf of their company. So the UX stakes are very high.