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Why UX? Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Jens Poder started working at Radio Denmark int 1996 when he was 24 as an intern. He was doing all sorts of jobs from making posters to editing websites.

Jens used to study literature and art and wanted to work with cultural journalism but then web took off and in few years he ended up sitting in editorial staff for, helping to put the on the first content management system, and transforming the company from being very TV oriented to more internet focused.

10 year ago, Jens joined the company Peytz & Co, where he is a partner and director of Innovation.

Now in his day to day work Jens is focusing on managing and creating process and interacting with customers. He had a chance to work building, municipal websites and other higher impact projects. Jens believes that UX designer job is a craft, not an art. He believes in creative processes as a way of solving problems.